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Specifications No. 519:

Many years ago we discovered this book at the Rocky Mountain Book Fair, and bought it:
Specifications, Schedule, and Drawings. Hoover Dam, Power Plant and Appurtenant Works. Boulder Canyon Project. Arizona-California-Nevada. Washington, D.C.: United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation. December 17, 1930. Aside from 94 pages of descriptive text, blank bidding forms and graph paper, it consisted of many folding plans and elevations of what would become one of the most famous and largest engineering projects in the world. Like its contemporary the Empire State Building, Hoover Dam is a symbol of Modern monumental engineering and design in America.
The plans and elevations are in perfect condition, and we have made high-resolution scans that you can buy and download as .tif files. You can print them at original size, but they can also be enlarged to cover a big wall.
Clicking on the titles below will provide more information, and you can buy and download them as well if you wish.

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Drawing 21: Construction
Progress Diagram
9.75" by 24.75"
Drawing 22
Dam and Appurtenant Works.
General Layout
9.75" by 25.875"
Drawing 24. Max. section of
Dam Grout & Drainage
System. 9.75" by 17"
Drawing 26. Contraction
Joint Layout Detail
9.75" by 16.875"
9.75" by 17"
Parapet and Roadway
9.75" by 20.5"
Tunnel Alignment Layout
9.75" by 27"
Canyon Wall Outlet Works
Typical Design
9.75" by 27"
Drawing 53: Canyon Wall
Outlet Works Gate and Valve
9.75" by 17"
Downstream Plug Outlet
Works Typical Design
9.75" by 17"
Drawing 55:  Downstream
Plug and Outlet Works
Gate and Valve Assembly
9.75" by 17.25"
Drawing 56:  50' by 50'
Stoney Gate Typical
Design.  9.75" by 17"
Drawing 57:  50' by 50"
Stoney Gate Leaf
Assembly. 9.75" by 13.5"
 Drawing 60:  Cylinder Gate
Intake Towers Typical
Design.  9.75" by 17"
 Drawing 61:  Cylinder Gate
Intake Towers Concrete
Bridge. 9.75" by 17"
Hoover Power Plant
Elevations.  9.75" by 17"
Hoover Power Plant
General Plan
9.75" by 13.5"
Hoover Power Plant
Typical Wing Sections
9.75" by 17"
Hoover Power Plant
Partial Wing Plans
9.75" by 17"
Hoover Power Plant
Central Section
9.75" by 17"
Hoover Power Plant
Section Through Penstock
Tunnels.  9.75" by 13.5"
Hoover Dam
Passenger Elevator Layout
9.75" by 17"
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